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The Problem With Weak Vinyl Floor Markers

Traditional vinyl material can't withstand typical high-traffic warehouse and manufacturing conditions. Typical tapes and rubber made striping is directly exposed.  The Product 'Ultra' is the newest ground decal technology in 5s, 6sigma, safety and lean manufacturing ground markers.  Our floor striping and ground signage is designed to withstand normal to heavy machine contact without major damage.  

Not to say, forklift drivers dragging loaded skids over the decal may crease or tear the decal.  The Ultra stripes come in sections that makes for an easy repair once damaged.

Vinyl tape is rolled on in one length that usually rips off the floor in one entire length.  Tape has a problem with the ends & corners peeling up.  Vinyl tape and other promoted heavy duty tapes allow moisture to enter beneath the tape, breaking down the adhesive.  Ultra has a high density adhesive that seals the ground decal/marker securely to the floor.  Ultra has been exposed to water conditions, as seen at a FedEx facility photo.

Paint is another nuisance in ground marking.  Paint is permanent and usually lasts a quarter of the time vs Ultra.  Removing paint needs to be stripped or sandblasted that results in cost.  The end cost in Ultra decal material is that it can be moved and redesigned at little cost, with little labor.  Do not get caught using 'Red Labor' on the line.

Cayman OFFERS INSTALLATION with purchase of Ultra or Grip material.  A minimum order amount & labor cost must be met within a geographical area.

Practice Lean Manufacturing, 5S, & 6Sigma In Your Operations World!  Avoid 'Red Labor' Operations!
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Safety Signage is Lean, 5S, & 6 Sigma Approved Material

Grip Material Solves Your Decal Problems!


  • Last Longer - extremely durable metallic-based substrate far superior than vinyl
  • Grip Material Slip resistant surface - meets or exceeds international standards for most uses
  • Size - Grip material floor markers can be printed up to 54" wide or tiled together for larger needs
  • No-Disruption Installation - installs in minutes and can be walked on dry time...and NO PROFESSIONAL REQUIRED!
  • Customizable - Not limited to stock messages or images...customize your signs and graphics and call to create your own 5S ground marking program
  • Perfect for 5S & Lean Manufacturing - decals can be removed to cater for continual improvement toward 5S, Six Sigma, and Lean Manufacturing principals
  • Clean Removal - decals leave no messy residue or discoloration
  • Better Safety Compliancy - floor decals allow you to place signs where restrictions or ordinances limit vertical signs.
  • SAFE FOR OUTDOORS - GRIP non-skid markers feature superior anti-skid surface and UV-stable inks, our decals can last for months (even years) outdoors when applied to concrete, blacktop, or other masonry surfaces...even on brick walls!
  • Cost Savings - already competitive pricing + fewer replacements = MORE VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY!


Why Signs on Floor?

1. For many signs, the floor is the best and safest place to put them.It’s not always safe, convenient, or effective to hang signs in many places around a plant or warehouse.  Keeping items at ground level when running a Fork-lift is a safety standard requirement.
2. The floor is where you place things you want to mark: waste bins & pallets, aisles & walkways, location markers & directional arrows.
3. It’s where people look…floor signage will be noticed when many other sign placement will be overlooked.

Why Floor Signage?

1. Floor signage must be durable. DuraMarker floor decals are the most durable product available today.
2. Floor signage must be easy to apply…and remove. Here’s your instruction manual: peel, place, press. That’s it, no special tools or skills needed. Want to take it up…slide a putty knife under an edge and peel up enough to grab. Then pull (notice there’s no residue left behind).



Floor signage must be cost-effective. Our signs cost about the same as the competition, last far longer, and leave no mess behind.

Cayman A Enterprises is the preferred distributor for the US based manufacturing company Floorsignge LLC.  DuraMarkers is the brand of signage no one has seen before.  The material is made of the same composites found in Bullet Proof Glass.  Safety is priority one but also a priority is saving the customer on man hour costs and material costs in routine maintenance on replacing signage or striping.  DuraMarkers eliminates 'Red Labor' to avoid unnecessary costs and increases operations productivity.  Cayman A Enterprises serves the business signage market with outdoor & indoor rated floor signs. Markets include


  • Manufacturing and distribution facilities, especially those following Lean, 5-S and Six Sigma practices.
  • Facilities that need durable, floor-mounted safety and environmental compliance signage.
  • Swimming pools, spas and other recreational facilities that must have non-skid floor and deck signage.
  • Advertisement opportunities for any event. Walking across an advertisement is inclined to see it vs. a highway billboard.
  • Dura Marker Grib is the mixture of two products into one, making it more durable and anit-slip then any product on the market.
  • Safety Graphics durability under extreme stress is our speciality in developing products to withstand the wear and tear of everyday exposure. Keeping
  • Keeping the eye at ground level allows the individual greater odds in not having an accident.

  • In addition to Lean, 5-S, and Six Sigma floor decals, Cayman A Enterprises, LLC creates informational and promotional pavement signage for schools, retails operations, exhibits, entertainment venues and special events.

Made in the USA, Cayman Decals by FloorSignage are DuraMarkers that look better and last longer than vinyl or paint.  They require no preparation other than a clean floor, can be laid down over small bumps and cracks, and can be removed quickly with no messy residue.

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