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Cayman's DuraGrip floor markers are some of the most durable floor markers in the industry. Our concrete graphics non-skid floor decals feature a non-skid surface and aggressive adhesive.  The glass bead overlay not only is ant-slip but gives off a reflective shine.
Our DuraGrip or AlumiGraphic non-skid floor decals can be placed indoors or outdoors. Outdoor decals are great for posting prohibition signs in outdoor areas. For example, place a No Smoking sign in outdoor lunch areas, or a simple Watch Your Step.  Short- and long-term marketing and promotion: turning sidewalks and walkways into billboards for shops and restaurants, fast-food outlets, and for special events from sales to races. 
Our aluminum base AlumiGraphic is a non-slip material not only is easy to install and to remove, the material is 100% recyclable.
Go Green or Go Home!. 
Cayman A Enterprises given the opportunity will work with any type of logo art or advertisement.  Cayman's digital UV printer makes Multi-color prints when adhered to a surface look real to the touch.  Not only is the quality of the print fantastic but the unique overlay of glass beads makes the decal anti-slip and reflective.
No Print Project Is To Large For Cayman To Handle!
Multi-Color print decals that need to be printed in section is one of our specialties in the market of pavement decals. We have the capabilities in printing on our UV digital printer that can make multiple large prints that will be sliced together to create a billboard scale image.
Made in the USA, Cayman AlumiGraphic are rugged DuraGrip floor markers that look better and last longer than vinyl or paint.  This AlumiGraphic beats any outdoor decal on the market, vinyl wouldn't have a chance.  They require no preparation other than a clean floor, can be laid down over small bumps and cracks, and can be removed quickly with no messy residue.

Thanks to the patented design, AlumiGraphic's Non-skid Floor Signage are:

  • Installed in minutes, without special skills or tools
  • Usable indoors or out
  • Rugged and durable; use anywhere except where vehicles (forklifts & towmotors) turn or drag pallets
  • Applied to rough surfaces such as bricks, concrete block, and concrete or blacktop paving
  • Non-skid and reflective (meets most international use standards)
  • Scrubbed in place without reducing durability or stickiness
  • Removed in one piece, without damage or residue


Floor Signage is customizable:

  • Maximum size: 53” wide and length max is 150' in a single sheet

  • Width can become larger when tiled together
  • Custom colors available at no extra cost

  • Design your own signs or let us design it for you


1. How long is the product going to last?

That depends a lot on the environment. Floor signage installed outdoors two years ago - in the upper Midwest – still looks good and sticks fast.Customers that power-wash their factory floors every night tell us that floor signs last far longer than any alternative.

They aren’t perfect: the blast from a power washer can pry up the edges of a floor sign, but the “scrubber” really has to try.
Floor signs and lines can be damaged by forklifts dragging pallets or turning directly on top of floor signage, but users tell us our product lasts longer than others under those conditions.

Vehicles that turn when their wheels are on top of a floor decal may damage it, but it will tolerate ordinary vehicle traffic driving straight over it.

Barring this kind of wear and tear, however, a DuraGrip floor decal can last for more than a year.

2. Does the product really work outside?

Yes…that was the original purpose of these signs, known as AlumiGraphic's.  In response to demand, we adapted them for use inside plants and warehouses.  Not only does the sign weather well, it can be stuck down on rough surfaces – even concrete walls – and stick until you’re ready to remove them.  They also work well in heavy-traffic areas - many are used in stadiums where thousands walk over them every week. And they can be scrubbed without affecting the sign’s lifespan.

3. How easy are they to remove?

Even though they stick tight, there is a simple technique for removing them.  Use a putty knife or similar blade to pry up one corner of the sign, then pull it up.  It will take some force, but since the sign has an aluminum back, it will not tear or shred during removal.  Better yet, the adhesive comes up with the sign…no sticky spots to clean and no discoloring residue.

4. Can kids vandalize or destroy the product?

Determined kids can vandalize rocks and concrete, but we make it pretty hard for them to damage our signs.  They won’t tear or shred easily, and you need the right tools and some patience to remove them.  The floor signs are hard to mark up and easy to clean.

5. Are these stock products, or can I get them customized?

Right now, every sign is made to order.  (That’s because everyone wants something at least slightly different from everyone else.)  The good news is that there is no penalty for custom work.

Your order can be stock or custom shapes in any size up to 53” by 150' – we’ve printed and cut to shape a Dallas Cowboy helmet and the Florida State University “Seminole” logo.  And while we have stock colors - you can have your company color on the signage…  just give us your PMS colors.  Better yet, if you want different words – or even your logo – we can do that, too.             At no extra cost.

6. Speaking of the Cowboys, can I buy one of those helmet-shaped floor signs?

Unfortunately, no.  We get a lot of requests for signs that feature registered trademarks, but we can’t print them without permission.  Talk to your team about ordering them for resale.

7. What if I want each sign to be worded differently.

No problem…  and no extra cost or time.  Each production run is based on the size of our substrate sheets: the smallest is about ten square feet. That’s how we can create dozens of warehouse signs – each with a different “address” on it – and not require custom pricing.

8. I want our company logo on the signs.  How much extra does that cost?

Nothing extra. Each order is custom produced. There is a minimum order size, but almost every order we take is above that level.  That means you can specify any color (not just stock), any size and shape, any graphic, and the customization is free.

9. Is there a minimum order?

Yes, but the threshold is surprisingly low.  It’s based on how much of the substrate we must use in our custom printers and applicators. 

10. How long does it take to produce these signs?

Once we have final, approved art, it takes 10-14 working days to produce, plus standard shipping times.  We can shorten that with expedited production and delivery, at an extra charge. If you’re in a rush, let’s talk.