Lean Manufacturing, 5S, & 6Sigma Floor Marker Solutions...

DURAMarker forklift-resistant warehouse floor markers are great for manufacturing and warehouse areas. Two versions of DURAMarkers are available. DURAMarker Solid are durable vinyl-based material that are offered in solid colors only. DURAMarker ULTRA is our top-of-the-line forklift-resistant for those high traffic areas. DURAMarker ULTRA can be customized to display text or specific colors.  The material is structured of a polymer composite that makes the DURAMarker the toughest product to beat in the market.

Cayman Floor Signage & Decals

Cayman Floor Decals can be adhered to any surface and represent Lean Manufacturing, 5S, & 6Sigma standards in any facility operations...

Made in the USA, Cayman floor signage is rugged multi-ply floor markers that look better – and look better longer - than vinyl or paint. They require no preparation other than a clean floor, can be laid down over small bumps and cracks, and can be removed quickly with no messy residue.

Thanks to the patented design, DuraMarker Grip's Non-skid Floor Signage are:

  • Installed in minutes, without special skills or tools
  • Usable indoors or out
  • Rugged and durable; use anywhere except where vehicles (forklifts & towmotors) turn or drag pallets
  • Applied to rough surfaces such as bricks, concrete block, and concrete or blacktop paving
  • Non-skid and reflective (meets most international use standards)
  • Scrubbed in place without reducing durability or stickiness
  • Removed in one piece, without damage or residue

Floor Signage is customizable:

  • Maximum size: 53” x 150' in a single sheet

  • Larger sizes can be tiled together

  • Custom colors available at no extra cost

  • Design your own signs, complete with logos at no extra charge


Installation Equipment:

High-quality rubber-roller w/ aluminum handle makes FloorSignage installation even quicker and easier. By rolling over the decal, the roller applies firm and even pressure for best adhesion. Size: 12.5" long - Roller is 3" wide.



Painting has always been the go to method in marking a particular object on a pavement or other surfaces.  There are some pros to painting but the major problem in painting is removal or repainting over existing.  The extra cost in 'Red Labor' and special chemical solvents that is needed in removing objects painted on a surface is not equal to the end usage cost in purchasing a Cayman DuraMarker Decal.  The decals are easy to remove and apply with a track record in longevity vs. paint or vinyl materials.  Why have employees waste time and money on a method that doesn't support the bottom line, 'Red Labor'.  American businesses today are finding every possible way in saving time and money, DuraMarkers will prove it.  

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